A preserved, undead humanoid, often found wrapped in funerary bandages.

Hit Dice 5+1* (23 hp)
Armor Class 16
Movement 20’
Attacks 1 (+6) @ rot (touch, 1d12 + disease)
Alignment Chaotic
Saving Throws D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (5)
Morale 12
XP 400
  • Typically found haunting ruins and tombs.
  • Anyone seeing a mummy must Save vs Paralyze or be paralyzed with terror.
    • Paralysis is broken if mummy attacks or goes out of sight.
  • Immune to all damage except fire or magic.
  • Any damage taken is reduced by 50%.


Anyone touched by a mummy contracts a rotting disease.

  • Immune to magical healing.
  • Natural healing occurs at 10% normal rate.
  • Disease can only be removed by magic (ex: Cure Disease spell)


  • Make no sounds before attacking.
  • Immune to poison and other effects that only affect living creatures.
  • Immune to mind reading / altering spells and spell-like effects, (ex: charm, fear, hold, sleep).