The Near Planes

The Dreamlands

The Plane of Imagination

  • A constantly shifting collection of inter-connected demiplanes with fluid realities.
  • Powerful psychics from the material planes can occasionally open portals to one of these demiplanes.

The Ethereal

The Plane of the Dead

  • Exists alongside other planes, appearing as a muted reflection of the local plane.
  • Spirits of the dead can travel in it, as can certain agents of the divine powers.

The Faewolde

The Plane of Faerie

More Details

  • The whole plane is infused with a wild, primal magic.
  • Depending on the season (and time of day), ruled by either the Day Queen and her Seelie Court, or the Night King and his Unseelie Court.
  • Most consists of a great forest, surrounded by numerous smaller domains called the Mirthlands, controlled by the various Archfae.
  • Portals to the Faewolde occasionally manifest in the material planes at locations of great, natural power (often in the most ancient forests).