New Weapons

Ghyffan muskets are something to behold - a streamlined amalgamation of wood and iron, shaped (and tipped) like a spear, but which can fire a metal slug at great speed (and for heavy damage). Their superior construction makes them less prone to breaking, but their S-L-O-W reload time makes them useless as ranged weapons (beyond an opening shot or two).

Weapon Weight (Coins) Damage Qualities
Ghyffan Musket 75 1d8 Loud, Melee, Missile (5โ€™โ€“40โ€™ / 41โ€™โ€“80โ€™ / 81โ€™โ€“120โ€™), One-shot (d10), Slow, Two-handed

Weapon Qualities

  • Loud (taken from CC#1): The first time in an encounter a weapon with this quality is fired, the noise triggers a wandering monster check and causes animals (except those trained for battle) to make a morale check or flee. At the refereeโ€™s discretion, human-like creatures of 2 HD or less from cultures without firearms may also be affected.
  • One-shot: The Missile attack for this weapon may only be fired once per turn, for the damage listed.