Astral Adventuring


Invisible flows of psychic energy that permeate and swirl around the astral plane.

  • Creatures move up to 10x faster when moving with the current (or faster).
  • Vessels designed to ride on these currents are called astral cruisers.

Distance and Measurement

  • Ranges are measured in yards, rather than feet (3x increase).
  • Areas of spell effects, blasts, etc. are still measured in feet.
  • Movement rates:
    • For creatures - measured in feet.
    • For vessels - measured in yards.

Missile Weapons

  • Gain an additional attack range option, Distant:
    • -4 to attack rolls.
    • Range is 1 mile.


Pieces of other planes (usually floating) in the astral plane. The shape is typically determined by the plane of origin:

  • Fire: Fragments from the elemental plane of fire are usually globes of elemental fire (used in Dwarven fire engines and some Drahki weapons).
  • Water: Fragments from the elemental plane of water are usually globes of water.
  • Earth: Fragments from the elemental plane of earth are usually irregularly-shaped chunks of rock and dirt.
    • Large fragments of earth are called islands, and often used to support a stronghold or outpost in the astral void.
  • Air: Fragments from the elemental plane of air are usually globes of air (used to supply some ships traveling to airless planes)
  • Chaos: Fragments from the elemental plane of chaos are usually jet black globes, and tend to function as spheres of annihilation.
  • Law: Fragments from the elemental plane of law are usually globes of crackling, radiant energy.
    • It’s believed that these arise spontaneously when a fragment from the plane of chaos appears, and are equal in size to the chaos ones.
    • When a fragment of law and chaos are combined, the resulting release of energy looks like white and black lightning, and can be seen for thousands of miles around.


  • Subjective, with capable creatures (INT 5 or greater) able to change “down” with a thought (CHA check if under duress).
    • Falling speed is INT x 30’ / combat round, specific maneuvers require a CHA check.
  • Objects float in space unless able to move on their own (as above) or acted upon by an external force.
  • Unintelligent creatures fall “down” at 100’ / round.


  • Alignment languages are the same throughout the multiverse.
  • The same version of Common is spoken throughout the multiverse, with only the perceived accent of a speaker changing (along with certain slang).
  • Each racial language spoken and written on a given plane is a dialect of that same language on other planes.


A stronghold, shop, or town in the astral plane, usually established on a large island.

  • Those interested in trade will have one (or more) docks for passing ships.
  • Outposts with permanent portals to other planes are called ports.


Usually manifest as flat, shimmering discs of various colors that appear to float in place.

  • Can be used by passing through to arrive on the destination plane.
  • May lead to any other plane (Inner, Outer, or Material).
  • Each different destination has its own color, and a portal leading to a character’s home plane will always look silver to them.
  • Most portals (99%) are temporary, lasting 1d20 hours.
  • Most portals (99%) are one-way, and only visible (when open) from the entry side, but become two-way for 1d4 rounds after being passed through.
  • An open portal may be be closed or made translucent (allowing characters to see the other end for one turn) with a successful CHA check within 60’ of the portal.
  • Temporary portals which lead from the astral to other planes are called pools.
  • Permanent portals which lead from the astral to other planes are called ports, and are usually established on a island and attached to an outpost.


The ambient temperature in the astral plane tends towards the tepid side for most humans and demihumans, being roughly equivalent to a warm spring day in a temperate climate.


  • Time is quickened: 3 rounds pass in the astral plane for each round that passes in a material plane.
  • Spells cast in the Astral plane appear to last 3 times as long as listed
  • The effects of time don’t happen while on the astral plane. This means that characters in the astral plane:
    • do not age,
    • do not need to breathe,
    • do not need to eat or drink (which also means that they can’t expend a ration to heal), and
    • only need to sleep for 30 phase-minutes each phase, although they still need to rest for an entire shift (8 phase-hours), and only gain 1 HP back after resting and sleeping.