The Faewolde

The Plane of Faerie

  • A plane of wild, primal magic, mostly consisting of a great forest surrounded by various domains.
  • Depending on the season, the plane is ruled by one of the four seasonal courts.
    • Seasons typically last around 4 years, although some last much longer.
    • It is currently the last year of a 10-year-long summer.
  • The length of each day and night are random, averaging just around 12 hours.
    • Most last between 9 and 15 hours, although some have been known to last 24 hours or more.

Major Races

  • Boggarts / Boggies (Goblins)
  • Brownies
  • Bullywugs
  • Centaur
  • Darklings
  • Dryads
  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Faerie Dragons
  • Firbolgs
  • Dragons
  • Giants
  • Griffons
  • Harekin
  • Pixies
  • Quicklings
  • Redcaps (Hobgoblins)
  • Satyrs
  • Sprites
  • Trolls
  • Unicorns
  • Vampires
  • Will’o’wisps
  • Wyrmlings (Pseudodragons)
  • …plus various awakened / enchanted birds and beasts of the woodlands


The Great Forest

  • A massive expanse of old-growth trees of all kinds, intersected with various, ever-changing pathways.
  • Many of the animals (and some of the trees) can readily speak Low Fae.
  • The realms of the Fae Courts lie in the four cardinal directions (Summer to the North, Autumn to the East, Winter to the South, and Spring to the West).
    • Different species of plants and animals become more (or less) prevalent as one approaches the courts.
  • The various Mirthlands lie at the edges of the great forest, between the court realms.
  • Portals to (and from) here occasionally manifest in the material planes at locations of great, natural power (often in the most ancient forests).
  • The Moot: The crossroads of the plane, where many different pathways literally intersect, including some that lead to other planes of existence.
  • The Wandering Lake: A large body of fresh water that teleports to a new place everyday, temporarily flooding wherever it goes.

The Mirthlands

  • An odd assortment of dominions, each under the control of one or more Archfae.
  • Each has a climate and tone dictated by the Archfae in charge, leading to abrupt changes when traveling between the Mirthlands.

Known Mirthlands

  • The Giant Mountains: Massive mountains populated by various kinds of giants.

  • Tu’un’lan: A chaotic land of wild illusions.

    • Home of the Tu’un, a race of strange pixies that disguise themselves in bright, illusory shapes, and then engage in bloodless (but hilarious) ritual combat.
  • Fun’ga’lan (The Kingdom of the Mushrooms): A land of immense mushrooms and tall, viny plants.

    • Home of the Fun’to, a race of short, adorable mushroom people.
    • Ruled by the tyrannical dragon, Bau’sa, King of the Kuu’pah

The Underwolde

  • Enormous underground caverns that exist beneath the Great Forest.
  • Controlled by the Fomar, a race of misshapen ogres.

The Fae Courts

  • All creatures who live in the Faewolde owe allegiance to either (or both) the Day Queen and/or Night King, but must obey the rules of each court when they are in charge.
  • Each court has it’s own climate, with the surrounding woods reflecting that climate.
  • Each courts’ power peaks during it’s time of day and season.

The Seelie (Day) Court - The fairest of the noble Fae.

  • Live in Castle Noonsky, in the clouds high above the Summer Realm of Everbright.
  • Ruled by the Day Queen, Tay’tan’ya.
  • Surrounded by deciduous, fruiting trees that are almost always in season.

The Evening Court - Pensive, occasionally gloomy Fae nobles of varying colors and appearances.

  • Live in Castle Twilight, at the edge of the Autumn Realm of Evergloom.
  • Ruled by the Dusk Prince, E’Duar, and his sickly sister, B’Laa, Princess of the Moon.
  • Surrounded by maples and various deciduous trees that grows leaves in the morning, only for them to change color and wither by days end, falling overnight.

The Unseelie (Night) Court - Haunting, dark, and occasionally terrifying noble Fae.

  • Live in Castle Midnight, deep in the Ice Mountains of the Winter Realm of Evernight.
  • Ruled by the Night King, O’bron, the Cold.
  • Surrounded by coniferous evergreens and blackened, leafless deciduous trees.

The Morning Court - The smallest but most energetic of the noble Fae.

  • Live in Castle Daybreak, in the center of the Spring Realm of Everbloom.
  • Ruled by the Dawn Princess, Aur’on’ya.
  • Surrounded by willows and blossoming deciduous trees.

Other Creatures

  • Basilisks
  • Blink Dogs
  • Dragons
  • Pegasi
  • Owlbears
  • Shambling Mounds
  • …plus the various woodlands birds and beasts