The Transcendental Planes

The Transcendental Planes are the planes of the divine powers, including all of the heavens, hells, purgatories, limbos, and eternal drinking halls that the gods create for the afterlives of their devotees (or those that lose the faith). Each is typically ruled by one or more gods (or their equivalents).


The Plane of Dragons

  • Home to the dragon gods:
    • Endrion - The Platinum Lord of Virtue, Paragon of Justice, Protector of the Weak, Peacebringer, and God of Law;
    • Lyndralyth - The Multichromatic Lady of Doom, Ruiner-of-All, Devourer of Nations, Peacebreaker, and Goddss of Chaos; and
    • Ymmyrr - The Everlasting, Diamond Master of the Scales, Keeper of the Balance, Slumbering Monarch of Eternity.
  • Home plane of the drahki and the Drahki Federation.


The Plane of Unwanted Dead

  • The place where the souls that aren’t claimed by other gods wind up.
  • Ruled by the Authority, a bureaucracy of fallen paladins, clerics, and devils.
    • Headed by the fallen angel, Shai’kel, the Corrupted.