Astral Factions

Major Factions

Astral Trade Union

  • Conglomerate of harbormasters, ship captains, and mining companies who control nearly all of the trade between certain ports.
  • Control all of the trading between nearly 100 ports, including ones leading to dozens of material planes, multiple to each elemental plane, and even a handful to various transcendental planes.
    • This area is called the Astral Trade Zone (ATZ).
  • Have excellent maps of all of the astral currents that run between affiliated ports, which only their licensed navigators can use.

Drahki Federation

  • A race of dracokin from the world of Drahkenos, the eternal plane of dragons.
  • Fly great ships made to look like dragons (called “dragonships”).
  • Generally peaceful traders, although some take to piracy.
  • Worship the various dragon gods and venerate great dragons from throughout the history of the planes.

Lyffan Armada

  • Enormous fleet of warships run by a militaristic race of musket-wielding elekin from the material plane of Lyffu.
  • Ships range from light cargo carriers to massive warships, but everything in the armada is armed.
  • Report to the Lyffan Sovereignty, the plane-wide government of Lyffu.
  • Believe strongly in the supremacy of law and civilization.
  • Worship the Great Tribunal, the judges who preside over the court of eternal judgement in the afterlife.

Stral Empire

  • Properly known as the Empire of the Eternal Dynasty
  • Empire of ports ruled by a highly militaristic and decadent race of immortals, with sharp eyes, pointed ears, and no noses.
  • Huge warships patrol the borders of the empire, which run near some Astral Trade Union-aligned ports.
  • Also control the Forge, a massive smithing factory on the Plane of Elemental Fire.
  • Served by a race of automatons called Forgelings, some of whom have escaped their masters and fled to ports aligned with one of the other factions.

Minor Factions

The Consortium

  • More properly known as The Grand Consortium of Arcanists, Enchanters, Sorcerers, Summoners, Thaumaturgists, Warlocks, Wizards, and Others Practiced in Arts Elrditch and Magickal.
  • The “guild of guilds” for most arcane spellcasters (although Bloodmages are strictly disallowed).
  • Trade in omnium pieces, a secret coinage made from a magic-infused, quasi-metal substance that can be used to make magic items.
  • Typically work with the Astral Trade Union, although many of the guilds within are known to work with other factions to further their own agendas.

Society of Wanderers

  • Disparate, quasi-religious organization, with membership scattered about the planes.
  • Refer to each other as “friends”.
  • Are obligated to help each other out (but can also count on other “friends” to help them when needed).
  • Typically travel alone or in small groups.
  • Don’t usually have their own ships, so they often have to book passage (or stowe-away).

Pirates of Ataxia

  • Led by (at least) 6 Pirate Lords (although some believe there are more).
  • Responsible for nearly all of the piracy within this part of the astral plane.
  • Come from all races and cultures.

Lost / Destroyed Factions

Arcane Lords of Axion

  • Ancient order of wizards and arcanists.
  • Established the first mage guilds in the astral plane about 8,000 years ago.
  • Helped establish the Astral Trade Union just over 5,000 years ago.
  • Founded the Axion Academy of Magicks just under 5,000 years ago.
  • The order vanished without explanation nearly 3,000 years ago.

The Eye Tyrants

  • Established the “Empire of Eyes” about 7,000 years ago.
  • Defeated at the battle of Jade Fields by the the stral and the dwarves about 3,000 years ago, leading to a great Civil War.
  • The final remnants of their armada was defeated by the Bronze Robes of the Grand Consortium following the destruction of the Ravager earlier this year.