The Material Planes

What most adventurers would think of as their “known world” is really only a one of a (possibly infinite) number of planes.

  • Each plane is different from the others (some slightly, some significantly).
  • Some planes are single worlds, while others are entire cosmoses unto themselves


  • Standard medieval fantasy world
  • Home to the Sapphire Coast, the city of Portown, and barony of Vystmark.
  • Can be accessed via the portal at Xynohpus (Sapphire) Cove.


  • Steampunk fantasy world ruled by anthropomorphic elephants
  • Home to the Lyffan Expeditionary Force (and its armada), as well as the cities of Suracine, Barnette, and Manchard.
  • Can be accessed via the portal at Fort Suraphell.