Deities of the Multiverse

Some of the various gods, goddesses, and other elevated beings worshipped across the multiverse.


Chaotic god of water and storms.

  • Epithets: The Night Prince, The Two-Faced Lord of the Deep.

The Grand Tribunal

Lawful lyffan gods and goddesses of justice.

  • Composed of the 12 Great Judges, this group passes final judgement on the souls of Lyffans, declaring if they are worthy of passing into the great beyond.


Lawful goddess of flame and light.

  • Epithets: Goddess of the Light, Mistress of the hearth.
  • Goddess of the hearth and civilization.


Neutral goddess of love and war.

  • Epithets: The Lady of War.
  • Goddess of desire and fury.


Neutral goddess of winds and travel.

  • Epithets: Mistress of the Wandering Wind (Neutral).


Neutral treefolk goddess of nature and the forest.

  • Epithets: The Forest Mother.
  • Believers follow Dainrouw (The Forest Way).


Lawful goddess of protection.

  • Goddess of defense, law, and peace.


Chaotic spiderfolk goddess of darkness.

  • Epithets: The Demon Spider Empress, Queen of the Dark Web.
  • Worshipped by Raknitaurs and in many deep caves.


Neutral god of the void.

  • Epithets: The Coming Darkness, The Nothing-Faced God, The End of All.

The Dragon Gods and Goddesses


Platinum dragon god of law.

  • Epithets: The Platinum Lord of Virtue, Paragon of Justice, Protector of the Weak, Peacebringer.
  • Symbol: Dragon wings surrounded by inverted triangle.
  • Credited by followers as having created civilization itself through his “great gifts” (law, truth, and flame).
  • Served by a group of 10 dragon demigods, the Exalted Wyrmlords and Wyrmladies.


Multichromatic dragon goddess of chaos.

  • Epithets: The Multichromatic Lady of Doom, Ruiner-of-All, Devourer of Nations, Peacebreaker.
  • Symbol: Dragon wings with 6 heads sprouting from center.
  • Served by a group of 10 dragon demigods, the Cursed Chaoswyrms.


Diamond dragon god of neutrality.

  • Epithets: The Everlasting, Diamond Master of the Scales, Keeper of the Balance, Slumbering Monarch of Eternity.
  • Symbol: Encircled dragon wings.
  • Served by a group of 10 dragon demigods, the Empowered Greatwyrms.

The Elemental Gods and Goddesses


Neutral god of air and the sky.

  • Epithets: King in the Air, Lord of the Four Winds.
  • Symbol: Encircled symbol for the element of air.
  • Ruler of Aeria, the elemental plane of air.


Neutral goddess of earth.

  • Epithets: Queen in the Earth.
  • Symbol: Encircled symbol for the element of earth.
  • Ruler of Terru, the elemental plane of earth.


Neutral goddess of water and life.

  • Epithets: Queen in the Deep
  • Symbol: Encircled symbol for the element of water.
  • Ruler of Aquos, the elemental plane of water.
  • Believers follow Onas (The Ocean’s Path), believe the ocean is the cradle of all life.


Neutral god of fire

  • Epithets: King in the Flames
  • Symbol: Encircled symbol for the element of fire.
  • Ruler of Pyrea, the elemental plane of fire.