Astral Campaign Info

This is the starting page for info specific to our gaming group’s astral campaign (the one that this guide originated from).

  • NPCs - Major NPCs the party has encountered.
  • The Ravager - The oft spoken-of (but seldom seen) creature at the center of the party’s journey into Eye Tyrant .
  • Shazzograx’s Journals - Information about the villain who kickstarted the current phase of the campaign, helpfully translated with the assistance of the Crystal Skull of Jund
  • Sapphire Cove - Notes and info about the townsfolk who live in the characters’ home port.
  • The Skyrunner - Some notes on the party’s ship and her crew.
  • Timeline - A timeline of major events since the campaign started. Combine with the Astral Timeline for an overall view of astral history.