The Ravager

According to the Crystal Skull of Jund:

The Ravager is an Eye Tyrant creation responsible for the destruction of 32 different planes. The Ravager is capable of honing in on a plane via any type of portal or color pool, passing through, and then destroying the plane from the other side.

The Ravager’s Lair

  • An enormous asteroid, 10 miles in diameter.
  • Has a one mile-diameter brass dome coming out of it.
  • On side opposite dome there’s a large gash which leads to a 200’ diameter tunnel and a secret entrance (set of double doors.

The Black Tunnels

  • Made of smooth basalt.
  • Twists and turns made traveling slow going - took over an hour to traverse.

The Antechamber

  • Natural-looking cavern with 10’ diameter light globes and large rocks scattered throughout.
  • Strange message carved on double doors leading further into the lair.

Strange Message

You cannot have bypassed our defenses if you are of the Eye Tyrants. Therefore, if you are reading this message, you must be their enemies… or should be.

For reasons of our own, we helped the Eye Tyrants to create a powerful weapon. However, we also included a way to neutralize the project. We will not do this ourselves, for that is not the way of the Arcane Lords. The weapon we have created, the Ravager, depends on the energies of the Queen’s Eyes. The ten lesser eyes dwell each in their own domains within this structure. The greater eye sees all, but none can reach it.

Go forth into the complex we created. Locate and destroy as many of the ten lesser eyes as you can. Only this can end the menace of the Ravager.

We have admitted you. For the brave, this is enough, although you may find help if you know where to look. Go forward.

The Eyes

According to the Crystal Skull of Jund:

  • There are 10 lesser eyes, each of which is empowered by sympathetic magic, and each of which has developed into a sentient being called an “incarnation”.
  • The Queen’s Eye can control the Ravager itself, and is housed in the great crystal in the central chamber.