The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is an impossibly large, unfathomably vast plane, which is believed to connect to every other plane in the multiverse.

  • Rumored to be infinite in scale.
  • Looks like a boundless, open sky, the color of pinkish-purple.
  • Filled with sporadic clouds of swirling, brightly-colored psychic vapor.
  • Distant arcs of light and dark energy occasionally cascade across the sky, like streaks of white and black lightning.
  • Everything appears to have a vague, silvery sheen applied to it.
  • Gives off a perpetual twilight, bright enough to read, but still much dimmer than daylight.
  • Known as “the swirling void”, or “boundless infinities”.
  • Air feels thicker than on most material planes, and has a vague scent of chocolate.
  • Subjective gravity for intelligent creatures, who can “choose” which direction to fall.

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