Omnium is a very special substance, typically only known to arcane spellcasters of higher levels and members of the Grand Consortium.

  • Incredibly rare.
  • Appears in its natural form as a cloudy but shiny mineral.
  • Behaves as a metal alloy, capable of being melted down and mixed with other metals.
    • When mixed with steel and worked properly (which only a few weaponsmiths are capable of), it can create weapons of exceptional sharpness (+1).
    • Some wizards and demihuman crafters know how how to use it to simplify the process of making magic items.
  • Can be extracted out of most empty magic items.

Omnium Pieces

The Grand Consortium mints coins with small amounts of from it called “omnium pieces” that are worth 500 gp each to other members.

  • They are used to gain entrance to private locations for Consortium members only, like the Library of Elevys on Nexus Prime, or Arcanists’ Alley.
  • Some services that can be traded for omnium pieces:
    • The Consortium Teleportation Network charges 1 omnium piece to teleport up to 5 people to any other circle.
    • The Sorcerers’ Messaging Service charges 1 omnium piece to send a message and get a reply on any plane in the ATU.
    • The the Library of Elevys has sages that work for omnium pieces, researching topics in exchange for one (or more) coins.
  • The omnium can be extracted from the coins by experienced arcane crafters and used to create magic items.