Wand of Illusions

A small wand, made out of a dark wood and carved with blue runes.

  • As long as at least one charge remains, the runes glow faintly while the wand is wielded.
  • May only be used by an arcane spellcaster.


When the wand is waved by an arcane spellcaster, an illusion of the wielder’s choosing manifests as per the Phantasmal Force spell, but with the following difference:

  • The wielder may move at up to half normal speed while concentrating.

Usage Die

  • Starts at d10.
  • After each use, roll the current die, and on a 1-2, the die drops one step (d10 -> d8 -> d6 -> d4 -> 1), as the glow becomes dimmer.
  • When no more charges are left, it becomes inert.