Phantasmal Force

Level 2
Duration Concentration
Range 240’

Conjures a visual illusion of the caster’s choice:

  • Creature
    • Can be directed by caster to attack.
    • AC: 10
    • Will vanish if hit with an attack or spell.
  • Attack
    • Ex: avalanche, roof collapse, magic missile, fireball, etc.
    • Targets must Save vs Spells or be affected by the attack (below).
  • Scene
    • Either change appearance of affected area or create the appearance of something new.
    • Disappears if touched.


  • Must fit in 20’ cube.
  • Damage inflicted is not real.
    • Ex: any creature “killed” by illusion falls unconscious, any creature turned to stone is actually paralyzed, etc.
    • Effects of “damage” last for 1d4 turns.
  • If illusion isn’t something the caster has seen, the target may get a bonus to the saving throw to ignore the damage (at referee’s discretion).