Illusory Terrain

Level 4
Duration 1d12 + 18 hours
Range Self
  • Caster either conjures an illusory terrain feature (ex: a copse of trees, a marsh, or an impassable boulder) or hides an existing terrain feature.
    • The general shape of the terrain cannot be altered by this spell.
  • Caster may also alter appearance of structures.
  • Area affected must fit in 150’ cube centered on caster.
  • Illusion includes audible, visual, and olfactory elements.
    • The tactile elements of the terrain remain unchanged, so touching the illusion typically reveals its true nature.
  • Creatures with truesight see a vague image of the illusion superimposed on the actual terrain.
  • If it isn’t obvious by touch, intelligent creatures who examine the illusion may Save vs Spells to see through it.
    • After realizing or saving, they see through the illusion as if they had truesight.