Color Spray

Level 1
Duration Instant
Range Cone: 60’ long, 20’ wide at end
Targets 1d6 creatures in cone

A dazzling flurry of colored light springs from the caster’s hand.

The effect of the spell depends on each target’s HD, and how it compares with the caster:

  • Targets with HD less than or equal to caster are knocked unconscious for 2d4 rounds.
    • Targets with 6 HD or greater may Save vs Spells to avoid the effect.
  • Targets with HD up to 2 greater than caster may Save vs Spells or be blinded for 1d4 rounds.
  • Targets with 3 or more HD than caster may Save vs Spells or be paralyzed, unable to move, attack, or take any actions for one round.
  • Blind creatures are immune to spell’s effects