Requirements Minimum CON 9
Ability modifiers None
Languages Alignment, Common

Automatons are magically-powered, fully sentient beings composed of metal and wood.

Available Classes and Max Level

  • Assassin: 10th
  • Barbarian: 8th
  • Bard: 8th
  • Cleric: 7th
  • Corsair: 10th
  • Druid: 7th
  • Fighter: 12th
  • Knight: 10th
  • Mystic: 7th
  • Paladin: 8th
  • Priest: 7th
  • Ranger: 7th
  • Sorcerer: 9th
  • Thief: 10th
  • Warlock: 9th
  • Wizard: 9th

Artificial Resilience

Possess remarkable fortitude:

  • No need to eat, drink, or breathe.
  • Immune to disease.
  • No need to sleep and can’t be put to sleep by magic (see Sentry Mode).
  • +2 on saving throws vs. poison

Integrated Armor

Body has built=in defensive layers which may be enhanced with armor.

  • +1 to Armor Class.
  • Takes one hour to don or doff armor, must remain in contact with armor for duration.
  • Worn armor can’t be removed while living.

Sentry Mode

To gain benefits of long rest, must spend at least six hours in an inactive, motionless state (rather than sleeping).

  • While in this state, can see and hear as normal despite appearing inert.