NPCs of Note

Sapphire Cove

Lord Stengar Muziv

  • Harbormaster
  • Human noble
  • Goal: political movement, more power
  • Attitude: spinning lots of plates, flies off the handle at Fenwick when he screws up (and sometimes when he doesn’t).

Zohar, Keeper of the Obelisk

  • Cleric of Phoris
  • Chatty and personable, but not always as devoted as he should be.

Amaryllis (Amary), the Alchemist

  • Runs the Magic Shop
  • And pretty and polite (but bored) female human
  • Smarter than she looks
  • Seems to be developing a relationship with Segu.
  • Took the demonic scroll from Segu to destory it.
  • Claims to be able to muster a “Wziard Army”.

Fenwick C. Fizzlebell

  • Harbormaster’s Assistant / Secretary
  • Fussy gnome dressed all in yellow
  • Always appears to be in over his head
  • Constantly apologizing for his failure, looks at the ground

Rocky - Fenwick’s living statue

  • Exquisitely carved statue of human male
  • Apparently mute
  • Also serves as Fenwick’s transportation and muscle

Unkhlar Thildison

  • Dwarven blacksmith
  • Thin and kinda shifty, with short copper hair and green eyes.
  • Has a pet spider named Therva that occasionally hangs out on his shoulder.

The Island of Terror

Drogo Wanderfoot

  • Planar Vagabond
  • Halfling male adventurer who wanders the multiverse, collecting stories and documenting sights.

Juzo Javarax

  • Drahki Captain
  • female, green dragonborn
  • captain of the Aseonth (named for Aseonth the Swift, an legendary green dragon from Drahkos)
  • goal: to protect her crew and ship
  • attitude: she’s hot shit and she knows it
  • most of the crew are also green, part of her clan (Javarax)


  • Automaton with glowing blue chest
  • Presumed dead following Korrath’s escape

The Skyrunner

Jon Tobart / Shazzogrox (DECEASED)

  • Eye Tyrant Mage disguised as a human ship captain
  • Tobart’s eye color kept changing
  • Presumed-known spells
    • Petrify (Flesh-to-stone)
    • Polymorph Others
    • Polymorph Self
    • Wizard Lock

Stonecrop (DECEASED)

  • An Eye Tyrant experiment into making bipedal flesh golems
  • Fought with Rocky and the party and was killed.


Azir, The Demon Prince of Desire

  • Strange, handsome man with dark skin
  • Appeared on the Skyrunner and spoke briefly to Mezric, giving her dagger before disappearing.