Tyrhung, Wolf Hunter

Tyrhung, Wolf Hunter, created with Stable Diffusion Online, released under a CC0 license.

A finely-crafted silver longsword, acid-etched with lunar iconography and the name Tyrhung in an ancient elvish script, held by an ornately-carved grip.

The sword, whose name means “wolf hunter” in an ancient elvish dialect, was said to have been used by the elven hunter Erlen Packslayer to kill Kinshra, Wolfmother of Slaughter, the last Werewolf Queen of Rittvore.


  • +2 to attack and damage rolls (1d8+2 / 1d10+2), +3 vs werewolves (1d8+3 / 1d10+3).
  • When unsheathed in darkness, or the command word (Lu’ar) is spoken, illuminates a 15 foot radius with moonlight (as with the Moonlight spell).

Longsword Properties

  • Versatile: At start of combat round, if offhand is free, may choose to have sword deal 1d10 base damage for that round while gaining the following properties:
    • Slow: Always attacks last in a round.
    • Two-handed: Requires two hands to use.