The Tome of Forbidden Whispers

I’ve seen this book up close twice, and neither person who held it is currently alive.

But, it’s more than that… It’s like the words themselves seem to worm their way into your brain as you read them… It can lead to some disquieting moments, to say the least.

Avoid at all costs. — PV

Written in common (albeit in a slightly odd style), this book is filled with the lunatic ravings of it’s author, Malakyre, the Mad (the so-called “Whispering Warlock”). Rumors persist that messages about the Far Realms and its loathsomely angled gods are hidden within its pages.

  • Non-spell casters - See the book as an oddly-written “reference guide” to several major (but mostly forgotten) Great Old Ones and Outer Gods from the Far Planes (+2 to Ability checks when researching).
  • Divine spell casters - See the book as evil, regardless of alignment.
  • Arcane spell casters - Add Cause Fear and ESP to the list of spells they can prepare and/or cast. The first time that either spell added this way is cast each day, the caster must Save vs Spells or spend 1d6 combat rounds in a catatonic state, unable to move or attack.