Jar of Preserving

A small jar, 3" tall and 2" in diameter, wrapped at the top by a sigil-engraved brass ring, and sealed with a wooden lid wrapped by a matching ring.

If the command word (“Preservo!”) is spoken as the lid is removed, target creature within 60’ must Save vs Spells or be drawn into the jar (+2 if it has been preserved in a jar before). The jar can only hold one creature at a time.

While inside the jar, a creature exists in a state of suspended animation - it does not age, does not need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep, and is unaware of the passage of time. Once inside the jar, a creature remains there until released.

It takes one round to open the jar and release the creature. If the other command word (“Befriendo!”) is spoken as the jar is opened, the creature will serve the jar’s wielder for 1 turn, defending them and obeying their commands (morale check if ordered to do something suicidal). If the jar is opened without saying the command word, the creature’s reaction should be determined randomly.