The Helm of Immaculate Conservation

A Helm of Immaculate Conservation, created with Stable Diffusion Online, released under a CC0 license.
  • aka The Helm of Beatific Bulwark
  • aka The Helm of Halos

A polished silver helmet adorned with etchings of archaic runes of blessing and a small wing on each temple.

Created by Ser Barrock the Ever-blessed, paladin of Nyden, for use in the first War of the Wurm, this helmet supposedly grants divine protection to its wearer and all nearby allies. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Ser Barrock - legend says that when the helmet was found on the battlefield following the 2nd Battle of Covaraa, it was still strapped to his decapitated head.

— PV

While worn: Grants +1 to AC, and the wearer can see a glowing halo over every friendly humanoid within 60’ (including themself).

Halo effects

  • Can be seen by the wearer even in complete (non-magical) darkness.
  • Dimly light 5-10’ area around the character they’re over (although it only affects the wearer’s vision).
  • Shatter when the character they’re over would take damage or be killed by a hit, spell, or spell-like effect (like a Tyrant’s eye beam), negating the damage taken.
  • Shattered halos are restored the next morning at dawn.