Vah'ki, Flametongue of Dulara

A high-quality longsword, exquisitely decorated with the fire and dragon iconography of the royal house of Dulara, and bound with a fire elemental.

Previously wielded by Prince Lorwin of Dulara, the sword’s name means “Flametongue” in Dularan, and was named for a great dragon that his grandfather, King Drannyl, often rode into battle.


A fire elemental is bound to the sword.

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Communication: Can speak empathically to the blade’s wielder.


Bursts into flame when the command word (Aegyt) is spoken, burning for up to 1 turn, and extinguishing automatically when sheathed.

  • Can be ignited as a free action in combat.

While flaming:

  • +1 to attack and damage rolls (1d8+1 / 1d10+1).
  • Additional +1d4 damage vs cold (“frost” or “ice”) or flammable (treefolk, zombies) creatures.
  • Can set things alight as a torch.
  • Casts light as a torch (30’ radius).


When the command word (Vykul) is spoken while aimed at target point up to 40’ away, a burst of flame shoots from the blade and engulfs the target.

  • May be used up to 4 times a day, but the 4th use kills the elemental.
  • Counts as an action in combat.
  • Deals 2d4 damage +1d4 additional damage vs cold (“frost” or “ice”) or flammable (treefolk, zombies) creatures.
    • Save vs Wielded for half damage.

Sense Enemy

The elemental bound to the sword has 60’ infravision and may inform its owner of the location of enemies it can see.

  • Can take up to 10 seconds to try and find an enemy.
  • Counts as an action in combat.
  • 1-in-6 chance of success.
  • On a success, wielder can “feel” the distance and direction to the nearest an enemy.
  • Doesn’t work through greater than 1’ of stone or metal.
  • If enemy is hidden or unknown, referee should roll check in secret.

Longsword Properties

  • Versatile: At start of combat round, if offhand is free, may choose to have sword deal 1d10 base damage for that round while gaining the following properties:
    • Slow: Always attacks last in a round.
    • Two-handed: Requires two hands to use.