Astral Compass

An astral compass, created with Stable Diffusion Online, released under a CC0 license.

A 1.5" diameter, golden medallion, with an 8-pointed star embedded in a purple gem in its center, and with raised runes along its inner edge.

While worn on the astral plane:

  • Wearer can “see” astral currents, sensing the general direction of the shortest path to any location in multiverse (which appears as a faint, golden glow on the horizon).

  • When piloting a console, wearer can perceive a 360 degree “tactical” view of the ship, up to 300 yards out, as well as the “optimal” current to ride to reach their desired destination (which itself glows like a beacon).

    • When within 4 hours of the desired location, the pilot can “reach out” with their mind and perceive a 360 degree “tactical” view of the location, up to 300 yards out.
    • This view can also be used during combat to gather information about enemy vessels.

Limitations: Only works with “where” queries (ex: Where is the Ravager? Where is the source of this effect? Where is the last resting place of some artifact?)