Ethereal undead that appears as a pale, humanoid shape of gathered mist.

Hit Dice 4** (18 hp)
Armor Class 16
Movement 40’ / 80’ flying
Attacks 1 (+3) @ energy drain (touch, 1d6)
Alignment Chaotic
Saving Throws D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (4)
Morale 12
XP 175
  • Usually found in deserted regions or the homes of former victims
  • Immune to damage from non-magical, non-silver weapons.
  • Takes half damage from silver weapons.

Energy Drain

Damage inflicted by this attack reduces the target’s maximum HP.

  • A humanoid killed by this ability becomes a wraith in 1 day, under the control of the wraith that killed them.
  • The victim gains back 1 hit die worth of hit points to their maximum after each long rest they take, until they return to their original total.


  • Make no sounds before attacking.
  • Immune to poison and other effects that only affect living creatures.
  • Immune to mind reading / altering spells and spell-like effects, (ex: charm, fear, hold, sleep).