An intelligent, plantlike humanoid, often mistaken for a tree, which grows up to 25’ tall, and is usually only concerned with protecting and preserving the trees and plants in their home area.

Hit Dice 8 (36 hp)
Armor Class 17 (natural)
Movement 20’
Attacks 1 (+7) @ 2d6 (fist)
Alignment Lawful
Saving Throws D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (8)
Morale 9
XP 650
  • Speaks the natural language of the trees and plants of their home area.
  • Dislikes fire, axes, and those who carry either.
  • When encountered in a forest or jungle:
    • 50% (3-in-6) chance of having stealth / surprise (due to being mistaken for a tree).
    • Encounter distance is 30 yards away maximum.

Animate Trees

Can animate up to 2 trees within 60’ at any given time.

  • May switch trees at will.
  • Animated trees fight as treants with 30’ movement.