2’ long, lamprey-like, winged snakes that feed on psychic energy and travel in large flocks.

Hit Dice 1hp
Armor Class 13
Movement 40’ flying
Attacks 1 (-1) @ 1d4 or confusion (swarm)
Alignment Neutral
Save As Commoner
Morale 6 (7 with alpha)
XP 5
  • Swarm: 8 mylarks can swarm around a target’s head to either cause confusion (-2 to attack rolls and saves, and prevents spellcasting), or drain creature of 1d4 HP.
  • Travel in large groups (1d6 x 10), usually arrange into flocks of 10.
  • Know direction and general distance to nearest psychic sources (typically, sentient creatures, but especially active Pilots).
  • Unless magically summoned or controlled, mylarks check morale every round, with the disengaged ones leaving on a fail.


Each group of 40 or more is lead by an alpha

  • HD 2 (9 hp); AC 13; Atk: 1 (+1) @ 1d4 (bite); MV: 10’ / 60’ flying; ML: 8; XP: 20;
  • Mylarks automatically fail morale when an alpha is killed.