Undead creatures which survive by drinking the blood of others.

  • Typically found in ruins, tombs, and deserted areas.

  • Immune to damage from non-magical weapons.

  • Regenerates 3 hp at the start of each round (while alive).

  • At 0 hp, changes into cloud of mist and flees to coffin.

  • Coffins: Must rest in a coffin during the day or lose 2d6 hp (which can only be healed by resting in coffin for a full day).

    • Cannot rest in a blessed coffin.

Bestial Minions

Can summon creatures from the surrounding area.

  • Takes 1 round to activate.
  • Can summon the following types and quantities of animals:
    • 1d10 x 10 rats,
    • 5d4 giant rats,
    • 1d10 x 10 bats,
    • 3d6 giant bats,
    • 3d6 wolves, or
    • 2d4 dire wolves.

Charming Gaze

Target in sight must Save vs Spells at -2 to resist charm.

  • A charmed creature:
    • must move towards the vampire (resisting anyone who tries to prevent it),
    • must defend the vampire,
    • must obey the vampire’s commands (as long as they are understood),
    • can’t cast spells or use magic items,
    • is unable to harm the vampire.
  • Charm breaks when the vampire dies.

Energy Drain

Damage inflicted by this attack reduces the target’s maximum HP.

  • A humanoid killed by this ability becomes a vampire in 3 days.
  • The victim gains back 1 hit die worth of hit points to their maximum after each long rest they take, until they return to their original total.


Can change into other forms at will.

  • Each change takes 1 round.
  • Can take humanoid form, or form listed below.

Dire Wolf

Hit Dice 7** (31 hp)
Armor Class 17
Movement 50’
Attacks 1 (+6) @ bite (2d4)
Saving Throws D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (7)
Morale 11

Giant Bat

Hit Dice 7** (31 hp)
Armor Class 17
Movement 10’ / 60’ flying
Attacks 1 (+6) @ bite (1d4)
Saving Throws D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (7)
Morale 11

Cloud of Mist

Hit Dice 7** (31 hp)
Armor Class 17
Movement 60’ flying
Attacks None
Saving Throws D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (7)
Morale 11
  • Immune to all weapons while in this form.
  • Unable to attack while in this form.


  • Make no sounds before attacking.
  • Immune to poison and other effects that only affect living creatures.
  • Immune to mind reading / altering spells and spell-like effects, (ex: charm, fear, hold, sleep).


  • Repelled by odor of garlic, must Save vs Death each round to attack.
  • Unable to come within 10’ of a wielded holy symbol.
    • May attack wielder from another angle, if possible.
  • Unable to cross running water except via a bridge or while carried inside coffin.
  • Does not cast a reflection.
    • Tends to avoid mirrors.
  • Partly blinded by light from Continual Light spell (-4 to attacks).
  • Must Save vs Death each round in sunlight or be disintegrated.
  • May be permanently killed by:
    • a stake in the heart,
    • being immersed in water for 1 turn,
    • being reduced to 0hp without an available coffin nearby.